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3′′ High-efficient and Energy-saving

C6X Series Jaw Crusher

3′′ High-efficient and Energy-saving series adopts permanent magnet brushless motor and intelligent controller, which can run by both AC and DC at high speed, breaking the bottleneck of many traditional deep well pump.

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1、Working Principle

1.1 High-energy rare earth permanent magnets as excitation mechanism; 

1.2 Square wave principle;

1.3 Electronic commutation replaces mechanical commutation;

1.4 High density programmable logic device technology.

2、Performance Characteristics

2.1 3′′ deep well pump’s rated flow can reach 8m3/h;

2.2 Single phase AC voltage 160-250V,220-350V/DC;

2.3 High speed (6000 rpm);

2.4 It can be switched between 50 and 60 Hz, Power source can be solar, gasoline engine, diesel engine, household electricity;

2.5 Water shortage protection and auto restart after 10 minutes.

2.6 Size smaller, weight less, lower cost of drilling well and installation;

2.7 Jinba specially designed the impeller, to meet the conditions of high-speed run achieving high lift, light load and high efficiency;

2.8 The outlet is equipped with stainless steel check valve, to effectively prevent the impact of water hamme

2.9 Motor adopts a fully sealed structure and German mechanical sealing. With strong sealing, the motor diving depth is up to 150m.

3、Parameter Center

Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.

Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.