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4′′ QJ Series

C6X Series Jaw Crusher

4´´ QJ Series Folding impeller adopts whole-stage floating structure, high-strength and abrasion-resistant modified composite PC for impeller and diffuser, large flow, high lift.

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1、Performance Characteristics

1.1 High-grade Stainless steel for casing of motor and pump, shaft coupling, fastener, etc, elegant appearance, strong decay resistance, outstanding durability

1.2 Floating impellers adopts single-stage floating structure, pom for impeller, high-strength composite PC for diffuser and cover plate and strong bearing gasket, which greatly reduce backwater and highly improve efficency

1.3 Brass outlet and inlet, attractive and practical

1.4 High-efficient and energy-saving motor is suitable for drinking water, filled with food-grade white oil, non-toxit and pollution-free

1.5 The installation of the motor rotor conforms to “NEMA” standard;

1.6 The outlet is equipped with a high-strength ABS check valve, to effectively prevent the impact of water hammer.

2、Parameter Center

  • 4QJ2 Mechanical parameters